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Mailbox Policies


There is a $4 fee for each package received, in addition to, an overweight charge relating to the “collective weight” of all your packages received in one day and charged as follows – The 1st 5 pounds are free.  For every pound over the 5 you are charged 50 cents per pound………..  It isn’t that you can’t receive a 10 pound package but we are going to charge you $2.50 for the 5 pounds over your daily limit.


Business Center Services

Did you know that we have a full range of Business Center services?  From large format copies to greeting cards and calendars, we can help. 

Home Owners Associations or maybe your personal legal documents?

Our copier can make letter size, legal size and 11 X 17’s  - single sided – double sided, black and white and colored copies in minutes!  Bring us your small and large jobs.  You want special paper?  You can bring your own or order through us.  Have it done the way you like it!

Invitations or Flyers for an Event or maybe Business cards 
you don’t need 1,000 of them or maybe you do?
Bring us your idea and we will design them for you, print them on our color laser printer.  You tell us how many pages you want.  We will keep your design in our files and you can call us when you want more.

Have a favorite Photo, drawing or saying
and you want a calendar or a greeting card made?  Bring it in – our staff will be glad to help and are pretty creative too!

Copy Rates (quoted in US Dollars)

Black and White

20# white paper Letter Size Single Sided copy – 10 cents
20# white paper Legal Size Single Sided copy – 15 cents
20# white paper 11 X 17 Single Sided copy – 20 cents

Color Copies - white paper Letter Size Single Sided Copy - 75 cents

Double sided?  Double the price!

* Special pricing on Colored Paper, Cardstock, Photo Paper, Greeting Card Stock *