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Mailbox Policies


There is a $4 fee for each package received, in addition to, an overweight charge relating to the “collective weight” of all your packages received in one day and charged as follows – The 1st 5 pounds are free.  For every pound over the 5 you are charged 50 cents per pound………..  It isn’t that you can’t receive a 10 pound package but we are going to charge you $2.50 for the 5 pounds over your daily limit.


Moving Soon to Baja?


Contact us via telephone or email and talk to Jackie. Store from the US 011-52-661-614-0513 or US Magic Jack#: 1-619-272-9991 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please be prepared to give us:

The full name of each individual who will receive mail in the box and any company names you will receive mail for in the box.
2 Pieces of ID information for each person – i.e., Driver’s License, Passport, etc., 1 must have photo
Where you will be living here in Baja and a phone number to reach you by


Fax or email a copy of the ID’s you used above.  After this is done, we will give you a box number and you will need to put a US check in the mail to us.  We will give you instructions for this at the time we give you the address.  After arriving in Baja, you will need to come to our office ASAP and sign all the forms for the Post Office. We cannot legally pick-up your mail without these signatures!