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Mailbox Policies


There is a $4 fee for each package received, in addition to, an overweight charge relating to the “collective weight” of all your packages received in one day and charged as follows – The 1st 5 pounds are free.  For every pound over the 5 you are charged 50 cents per pound………..  It isn’t that you can’t receive a 10 pound package but we are going to charge you $2.50 for the 5 pounds over your daily limit.


Mailbox Services

As a Mailbox customer you can use all three of our addresses:

Two (2) addresses in Coronado – a PO Box for all your mail plus a street address for UPS, FedEx and more

You can also use our street address here in Mexico -

For your utility bills – Get your phone bill every month!
As a shipping address from your vacation spots throughout Mexico - Don’t pay USA duty to ship things home – remember, you live in Mexico!
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We take your mail across and pick-up mail at both locations three times each week (except postal holidays).  Our driver leaves at 9:15am Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.

On each of these days we also offer Bank Errands and Postal Errands – Overnights, Priority Mail, Certified – most services for documents that you will find in the US Post office, as well as, UPS and FedEx services.  Since the border policies are being enforced more strictly, we are not allowed to take packages across to the USA.  The “powers that be” tell us that it is against the law to “declare” for another person.

All Rates and Fees are listed in US Dollars – Peso Rate posted as Tipo de Cambio

Mailbox Rates*: (Payable in Advance)

$25.00 US Dollars a month

~ Get 1 (one) month FREE ~   ~ Get 3 (three) months FREE ~

Sign up for 6 months and

Only pay for 5 months - $125.00 


Sign up for 1 year and

Only pay for 9 months - $225.00 


Errand Fees:  (Payable in Advance - 2 transactions at the window)

Banks $10.00

Post Office $1.00 for Mailbox Customers & $3.00 for Non-Mailbox Customers

Want an extra FREE month of mail service?? 

Refer a friend or neighbor who signs up for a minimum of 1 year and they give us your name, you will earn a free month of service added to your due date!  Make sure they give us your name, or your card, at the time they sign up for the box!  Don’t miss out!

(Not a cash offer – free service only!) 

(*prices subject to change)