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Mailbox Policies


There is a $2 fee for each package received, in addition to, an overweight charge relating to the “collective weight” of all your packages received in one day and charged as follows – The 1st 5 pounds are free.  For every pound over the 5 you are charged 50 cents per pound………..  It isn’t that you can’t receive a 10 pound package but we are going to charge you $2.50 for the 5 pounds over your daily limit.


US Liability Insurance

Need US Liability Insurance?

We offer 2 solutions!

Trip Insurance can be purchased for as little as $12 a day, over the internet, and can be sold for up to 3 weeks at a time with plates from any state!

Annual Liability Insurance can be purchased for a car with South Dakota Plates for as little as $350 a year if you are 21 to 74 years of age... 

Out of this age bracket? Then the annual fee is $475